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iPhone necessities

January 29th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was reading this article over at ZDNet about the iPhone’s missing features (this is actually part two, and is actually a pretty good list) and one item in particular caught my attention. Under software, #3 is “multi-threaded applications” so that you can browse the web while talking on the phone.

Now, I’m going to betray my background as a former wireless telecom guy. When PDA smartphones first appeared, my first reaction was, “I want to be able to use my Palm Pilot while I talk on the phone.” When bluetooth was first being imagined, I was really excited about the new technology because it was going to enable wireless headsets, which have now become ubiquitous. You could check your calendar while you were talking to someone on the phone that wanted to make an appointment with you. In my mind, a smartphone needs a bluetooth earpiece to go with it.

So, I was pretty excited about the bluetooth earpiece that Apple showed with the iPhone. It looks small, simple, and stylish and is bound to be the fashion statement / status symbol that white earbuds are today. BUT, if I can’t use the address book, calendar, and/or surf the web while I talk on the iPhone it’s going to ruin the whole experience.

I’m pretty sure that O’Grady is just guessing at this point, but it sure would be nice to know what features are accessible while making a call. There might be some technical limitations around using the GSM and EDGE features simultaneously, but I expect a lot from Apple here.

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