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Macworld 2007 is tomorrow!

January 8th, 2007 No comments

I figured I needed to put my thoughts down on digital paper just so I could see how wrong I am about what Apple has in store…

  • We’ll definitely see iLife ’07 – pricing will be the same and it will be released immediately
  • Major upgrade to iWeb
  • Major changes to .Mac to pump up the publishing features from iLife 07 and a little more online storage
  • iWork will be updated for ’07, but no spreadsheet app yet
  • Leopard will get a release date and all the new features will be shown off. No reason to hold back now that Vista is out. Oh, and it will be awesome!
  • ZFS will be bootable in Leopard
  • Airport Express will get updated to 802.11n
  • firmware upgrade for MacBook Pro C2D to use 802.11n
  • iTV will get a name and a release date – it better have all of the 10 features I asked for.
  • More feature film studios for the iTunes Music Store to go with the iTV announcement
  • New iSight camera
  • New displays with iSight built-in, but the old ones will still be available.
  • New Mac mini with Core 2 Duo
  • eSATA on the iMac and MacBook Pro
  • new nVidia GPU options on the Mac Pro
  • new Intel GPU on the Mac mini and iMac
  • Dual quad core workstation CPU’s on the Mac Pro
  • Single quad-core desktop CPU on the 24″ iMac
  • iPhone – yawn

And then there’s the things I want to happen, but probably won’t…

  • Apple Lossless tracks from the iTunes Music Store
  • Something to compete with Microsoft’s Home Server
  • Apple external hot-swap hard drive enclosures (ala Icy Dock) for use with the iTV and Macs. You know you’re going to need this when ZFS ships for Leopard.
  • Apple USB TV tuner/CableCard adapter to get content for use with your iTV
  • A multi-button wireless laser mouse
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How Parallels could control the Mac game market

January 7th, 2007 No comments

I’ve been thinking about how Parallels has said they are working on DirectX and 3D support for their VM software for the Mac. The basic reason for doing this is so people can play games. Sure, there are some other Windows-only 3D apps out there that people want to use on the Mac, but games is where most people would use this tech. So, I’m just wondering… could Parallels package this “special sauce” with WINE and make a compatibility layer for individual programs to run on the Mac? Just think if Parallels could license this out so that a game developer could release a Windows-only game with the WINE configuration files so that it would install and run correctly on the Mac.

I’ve heard all the arguments about how such a proposition might end game development for the Mac platform and I don’t think it matters. For other classes of software, people will want the OS specific hooks that come with a good Mac application – applescript, growl, iApps integration, keychain, etc. But with games, people don’t care about how the software interacts with the rest of the OS – they just want to play the game.

If Parallels can solve the Direct3D puzzle on the Mac, they should buy Crossroads and license out this Mac-compatibility sauce and get a piece of every single PC game sold from here on out.

Garmin posts teaser shots of Mac Training Center, and hints at more to come

January 4th, 2007 No comments

As I posted the other day, Garmin is going to show off the Mac version of Training Center at Macworld San Francisco next week. Attendees will be able to take home CD’s, but the rest of us will have to wait for the download to become available later in the month. Until then, Chet’s Corner has posted a new entry about Mac Training Center put up some teaser shots of the Macintosh app.

There isn’t a whole lot to see here, but it is exciting to get a taste of what we will see using native tools on the Mac. The interface of the app features the brushed metal look we have become accustomed to lately. I’m sure it follows the PC app closely, but I can’t help but think there was a missed opportunity to make the course and history browser use the iTunes browser convention instead of loading everything into the left pane. That would require the right pane to switch when you wanted to see the info panels, but those could’ve been floating windows instead. Oh well, I’m not an interface designer – so what do I know? Still, it looks like the UI was designed by an engineer.

Of course, the really big news here is that Garmin is going to announce future Mac software products next week on the Garmin Blog. I’m totally psyched out of my mind about this idea (think Elf) that there is more GPS software love coming to the Mac.

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GPS is coming on strong for the Mac

January 1st, 2007 No comments

I was pretty excited when Google Reader showed me a new entry on the Garmin Blog last Friday about how they were going to release Garmin Training Center for the Mac. GPS (like its cousin, GIS) has always been a bit behind on the Mac. Still, we are starting to get some good tools now. still doesn’t have all the functionality that is available to the PC side, but it’s close.

I think improved GPS support is really telling, in two ways. First, GPS is getting big. Sure, we gadget types have always loved these things, and we buy them pre-installed in our cars. But the market was very windows-centric because it was seen as a small niche and development resources went to the Windows market. Think Delorme and Microsoft Streets & Trips, et al. GPS is now big enough to warrant more interesting products for the Mac. Second, the Mac is getting really big. There’s a lot of excitement about the Mac platform and more and more software vendors are committing resources to develop apps for the Mac. This is awesome.

At this point, with Nike+ doing the treadmill thing, and Garmin doing the trail / running / biking thing, there are really good outdoor/fitness solutions out there Mac users. There’s even some interesting indie software like trailrunnerx. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this trend in 2007.

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OK. I’m getting pretty excited about MacWorld

January 1st, 2007 No comments

The new teaser on Apple’s front page has me all worked up. I can’t wait to see what the message is tomorrow.

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