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Solaris, ZFS, and Why OS X Rocks My Socks

February 17th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve been away for a few days, but I’ve actually been pretty busy. One of things I’ve been working on is installing Solaris 10 on a PC at home so I can setup a ZFS pool using four 250GB drives. It hasn’t been too bad, but a few hardware incompatabilities have reminded me why I like OS X.

You see, the new SIIG 4-port SATA card I bought for this project doesn’t allow me to boot from a DVD on my ASUS P4PE. So I had to remove the SATA card in order to boot from the Solaris install DVD. The Intel gigabit card I bought also has a netboot loader so I physically removed that too just in case it was interferring with booting off the DVD. Solaris doesn’t recognize the ethernet port on the P4PE, so it installed without network support. Pretty simple fix to reinstall with the Intel card in place. Then another simple “touch /reconfigure” and reboot with the SATA card installed to get that working.

Simple things like setting up a network interface require multiple steps in Solaris. Even though Java Desktop is a pretty nice step up from CDE, it still doesn’t have any GUI tools for configuring the UNIX services underneath the user desktop. You have to go to the command line for any of that stuff: network interfaces, DHCP client settings, DNS settings, etc.

This where OS X really shines. All that UNIX goodness is still there underneath the desktop, but you can use a variety of GUI tools to configure them if you want to. In fact, things like seting up an ethernet interface or a wireless network are pretty simple in OS X. I should also mention that real progress is being made on the Linux side too with user-friendly distros like Ubuntu.

I’ve got to follow-up on a couple things (like how Google Apps for Your Domain is the bomb) but I’ll post about using ZFS too.

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