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ZFS Missing from the Latest Build of Leopard

March 6th, 2007 No comments

According to the caption on this screenshot in Think Secret’s latest Leopard gallery, ZFS is not present in the latest build of OS X 10.5. This is a bit disappointing because I’m excited about the improvements in ZFS. It would be a bummer if the OS X port of ZFS didn’t make it in the final release. I hope that ZFS makes it back into Leopard.

Regardless, I’m going to continue my project to build a Solaris server using ZFS for the shared storage pool. I should be able to post more about that later this week or early next.

Solaris, ZFS, and Why OS X Rocks My Socks

February 17th, 2007 No comments

I’ve been away for a few days, but I’ve actually been pretty busy. One of things I’ve been working on is installing Solaris 10 on a PC at home so I can setup a ZFS pool using four 250GB drives. It hasn’t been too bad, but a few hardware incompatabilities have reminded me why I like OS X. Read more…

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What I want most from what I’ve seen at CES so far

January 8th, 2007 No comments

Mostly I want something like the Microsoft Home Server, but from Apple. Seriously, storage is going to be an opportunity this year. More and more people are buying laptops, but the file sizes for digital media are growing faster than the storage capacity of 2.5″ drives. Where are you going to keep all those home movies, digital photos, downloaded music and full-length HD movies from the iTunes Music Store? On your 60-80GB laptop drive? On the 60GB drive in your Mac mini?

The ReadyNAS and the Buffalo system are good indicators of where a new market is developing. Netgear announced a new NAS box as well. I think the key would be if ZFS could make it to Linux so that someone can build an embedded system with 3 drive bays with a very reliable file system and the ability to add more storage to the pool on demand.

I love how ZFS has checksums built-in at such a low layer and can identify bad data right away. This would make the ultimate home storage appliance and would solve a bunch of issues for my home network.

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