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Macworld 2007 is tomorrow!

January 8th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I figured I needed to put my thoughts down on digital paper just so I could see how wrong I am about what Apple has in store…

  • We’ll definitely see iLife ’07 – pricing will be the same and it will be released immediately
  • Major upgrade to iWeb
  • Major changes to .Mac to pump up the publishing features from iLife 07 and a little more online storage
  • iWork will be updated for ’07, but no spreadsheet app yet
  • Leopard will get a release date and all the new features will be shown off. No reason to hold back now that Vista is out. Oh, and it will be awesome!
  • ZFS will be bootable in Leopard
  • Airport Express will get updated to 802.11n
  • firmware upgrade for MacBook Pro C2D to use 802.11n
  • iTV will get a name and a release date – it better have all of the 10 features I asked for.
  • More feature film studios for the iTunes Music Store to go with the iTV announcement
  • New iSight camera
  • New displays with iSight built-in, but the old ones will still be available.
  • New Mac mini with Core 2 Duo
  • eSATA on the iMac and MacBook Pro
  • new nVidia GPU options on the Mac Pro
  • new Intel GPU on the Mac mini and iMac
  • Dual quad core workstation CPU’s on the Mac Pro
  • Single quad-core desktop CPU on the 24″ iMac
  • iPhone – yawn

And then there’s the things I want to happen, but probably won’t…

  • Apple Lossless tracks from the iTunes Music Store
  • Something to compete with Microsoft’s Home Server
  • Apple external hot-swap hard drive enclosures (ala Icy Dock) for use with the iTV and Macs. You know you’re going to need this when ZFS ships for Leopard.
  • Apple USB TV tuner/CableCard adapter to get content for use with your iTV
  • A multi-button wireless laser mouse
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