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A Few Things Still Broken or Missing in Google Apps

February 28th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve been using Google Apps for Your Domain for almost a year now. I love it and it’s totally changed the way I work with email and simple spreadsheets. Now that Google Apps is all official and stuff, I thought I’d point out a couple things that are still broken or missing…

Google Docs

  • Now that Google Docs has been integrated into GAFYD, there is a conflict if you have a Google Account with the same email address as your GAFYD account. It’s a real pain because sharing docs to your email address doesn’t always work the way you want it to. It doesn’t seem to show up in your GAFYD account so you actually have to log out and then log back in at the docs site WITH THE SAME ACCOUNT NAME! This is lame and needs to be fixed. This issue exists for a lot of us because Docs didn’t used to be part of the Apps suite so I (along with a lot of other people) just created a Docs account with the same email address.
  • The menu is missing the “more »” item that appears in Mail.

Google Reader

  • Google Reader – If I try to email something I’m reading from Google Reader, I have to login to a gmail account. I can’t email with my GAFYD account.
  • It would also be great if the domain admin could set up a page where you could see what everyone on the domain is sharing. A clearing house for all shared items with members of your family or business.


  • For some inexplicable reason, Calendar doesn’t have the same menu choices at the top left as Mail and Docs. It needs a link to the GAFYD Docs app and “more »”


  • I can’t attach a Google Docs document to an email. Sure I can share from the Docs app, but sometimes it would be nice to just send the document as an attachment via email, especially to someone outside of my GAFYD domain or to another company.
  • I need a better way to capture “mailto://” links on web sites. Google Notifier will do this on the Mac, but it’s broken now for GAFYD.


  • Google Talk works very well as a notifier on the Windows side. It will tell you when you receive new emails in your GAFYD account On the Mac side though, Google Notifiers doesn’t work with GAFYD. It actually used to, but the functionality was broken when Google Apps went official.
  • Like I mentioned above, Google Notifier no longer correctly captures “mailto://” links because it wants to direct them to the public Gmail service rather than GAFYD.


  • Google Groups isn’t part of the Apps suite yet, but it would be great to incorporate this into GAFYD. That way you could set up groups that would be private to your domain. I could see lots of uses for this. If you want a public group, you would just use the “normal” Google Groups site.

All My Services

  • On the public side of Google, you get a link to “All My Services” which shows you exactly what you signed up for. It includes Reader, Adwords, Analytics, Notebook, Blogger, Picasa, Webmaster Tools, Search History, and more. What you get on the GAFYD side is a link to “more »” which takes you to a list of everything that Google offers ON THE PUBLIC SIDE! There is no equivalent feature to show you everything that is available to you as part of your GAFYD account.
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