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The Downfall of Telecom – Qwest Earnings Show Drop in Lines Continues

October 29th, 2008 No comments

I read a comparison article on Qwest versus Comcast earnings this morning and it brought me back a few years to when I was doing work for these companies. 10 years ago, U S West (which was acquired by Qwest in 2000) had 17+ million lines in service. Now Qwest has just over 8 million lines. Quarterly revenue for Qwest is on par with what is was for U S West a decade ago.

None of this is new or surprising to anyone, especially to those of us that are (or were, in my case) in the industry. I can only see continued erosion in the landline business in the future. The advent of WiMax and LTE are only going to strengthen the trend to move to wireless. The only bright spot I see is Verizon’s FiOS service, which probably has more in common with cable than landline.

At different times I did consulting work for U S West (pre-merger), “classic” Qwest (pre-merger), and “new” Qwest (after the takeover of U S West). I also did some work in the cable industry, but never worked with Comcast directly.

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