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Multitouch Again

February 18th, 2007 No comments

I wrote earlier about Jeff Han and multitouch. He’s formed a company called Perceptive Pixel to commercialize the technology and they have created this cool video to show it off. I was going to post this a couple weeks ago, but I sat on it while I got busy with school and then other people picked up the story. When updating my blog today I thought I would go ahead and finish this post just in case someone hasn’t seen it yet. Just watch the video. It’s totally wicked. Continue reading to get the embedded video. Read more…

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The future of multitouch

January 29th, 2007 No comments

I was pretty impressed with the use of iPhone’s multitouch interface. The photo demo was really pretty cool. Someone just pointed me to this video from TED (Technology Entertainment Design) where Jeff Han (a research scientist from NYU) shows off some work on multitouch interfaces that his team produced in their lab. The video is from back in February of 2006, so many of you might have seen it before. Still, I love to geek out on the possibilities that something like this could unlock when creative people get a hold of it in consumer technology. The iPhone is just the first step in bringing this to all of us.

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